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My name is Kamal DeFreitas (aka Kamaru) and I am a Caribbean based freelance photographer, aspiring producer and film maker. I studied Multimedia at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida and transitioned into photography about three years ago after being laid off from my job and I haven’t turned back since. Becoming a professional film producer is also a long term goal of mine. Considering the similarities between producers and photographers I figure I’m at least already half way there. This is my first kickstarter project and I hope there will be many more. Anyway, I experimented with fashion photography for a while doing mostly fashion shows and a couple make up lines while trying to learn the industry and improve my skills. Last year I realized my real passion is beauty and erotica/nude art photography and figured it was time for me create something original and build my own brand. So now I’m working in conjunction with my partner to help bring this project to fruition.

Note: With the exception of the song used in the video, all media (photography, video and graphics) related to this project were produced and edited by me. A link to some of my other work should be available somewhere on my profile. 


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Why a kickstarter campaign?

A project like this needs major backing and it hasn’t been done the way we’re going to do it. The purpose of this campaign is to raise money for the means of:

  • Building a strong team
  • Model scouting
  • Acquiring high end photography equipment
  • Producing high quality provocative content
  • Legitimizing the website through the creation of an LLC and DBA
  • Completing and streamlining the website.

Click this link to support us on Kickstarter

Click this link to support us on Kickstarter

Oualichi Gold (pronounced “wah lee chee”, “wŏ lē chē” gold) is your premier site for tastefully sophisticated EROTICA and the first of its kind to come out of the Caribbean. This is not a trashy X rated porn site. There are those that don’t acknowledge the difference between erotica and porn and there are those that do and though our content will be what most consider to be “18+” or “explicit” it will not be gratuitously pornographic or obscene. Our content is meant to be enjoyed by those that make such a distinction and understand the difference. And we will be producing the highest quality content possible. So if you are mature minded and hold a deep appreciation for the nude feminine form and the erotic expressiveness of it; support this project.

Members and backers will have access to this content through the website, oualichigold.com, via memberships. Backers through this campaign will of course have access to extended memberships or content based on the value of their pledges.

Click this link to support us on Kickstarter

Click this link to support us on Kickstarter

What we hope to accomplish

While experimenting with fashion photography I soon realized the lack of opportunities for designers, models and photographers based on our weak industry. So I decided remove the aspect of fashion altogether and create an alternative based on erotica. Our hope is to attract models and subscribers from all over the world while providing a steadily increasing and satisfying aesthetic of quality content maintaining the theme of Erotica and Nude Art expression.

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At this point its difficult to accurately plot a timeline out in sequential order but we hope to get the following steps done within a 4 to 6 month time frame.

1) Form LLC

  • Set up DBA
  • Assign LLC members (Manager, Treasurer etc..)

2) Open Business Bank account (most likely with Capital One)

3) Complete & Streamline website

  • move to dedicated server
  • get certified
  • copyright logos and trademarks

The site will officially be launched by March 2017 with all content available to members and backers. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for sequential updates:

twitter @oualichi_gold

IG @oualichi_gold

FB @oualichigold

And if you’re reading this and are interested in becoming an “OG Model” (and getting paid of course) email some photos of yourself along with a short bio to oualichigold@gmail.com or admin@oualichigold.com (18 and older).

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Risks and challenges

1) Creating a stable work flow & structure and keeping the momentum.

2) Marketing. Marketing to the right demographic can be expensive and though social media is a free alternative it is not enough for this type of website. The more money spent on effective marketing the better our conversion rate will be and the more quality content we will be able to provide. I have a few marketing avenues in mind that I am planning to experiment with. Backers will be invited to a private facebook group where I will be taking their suggestions as far as content and possibly meeting some of the models. This “data” will aid in the creation of our company and customer avatars.

3) Scouting and casting. Our scouting process is intensive and we plan on featuring a variety of models representing a wide range of different ethnicities in creative settings. However this can be a slow and daunting process. We have already accomplished much with the little we have and we’re hoping this project can give us the boost we need.

4) Expensive equipment isn’t necessarily a must for producing high quality content (I’ve been using a Rebel T3I and entry level lenses for most of my career), however there are certain quality parameters that cant be achieved without the use of certain equipment. In order to produce the most stunning visuals possible we require the use of a 50 megapixel camera (minimum) and new lighting equipment details of which I will discuss with backers.

Below is an outline of basic requirements needed:

Canon EOS 5DS
Canon EF 85mm f 1.2L USM Lens
Canon 18-250 mm kens
48″ Octobox
2x 300 watt strobe lights
1x LED Ring Light
12×12′ Sun Scrim Butterfly Super Saver Starter Kit
8×8′ Butterfly Frame Kit
1 high powered laptop

Our success depends on this campaign. So if you like where this is going and you are able, donate as much as you can and share this link so we can create more and better.

Click this link to support us on Kickstarter

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